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Our professional team members work hard to service all your home renovation issues and fix all broken items. We deal with reliable equipment and paint all your items after working on them. We design and make all the critical changes that you desire. Take advantage of our services today on:

  • Closets repairs
  • Installation of cabinets
  • Door and window built-ins
  • Designing tables and chairs


We are the best landscape architects who will work to make your house look lovely. We do work with minimal budget funds. If you need us, we are ready to work on your garden. Our principles are straightforward. We do understand that you do have a creative task that you want implemented. With our physical work force and our tools, we will definitely produce that landscaping design that you consider pleasant.


We do serve all the states with roof coverings. Letsemeng Municipality Home Improvement handles all your roofing needs. We do flat roof, roof repairs, and professional roof installations. We do get the task done within the time limits. We are among the top roofing companies here in South Africa. Our roofing service stands out from the rest since our roofing materials are colorful and long lasting.


At Letsemeng Municipality Home Improvement, we do specialize in all kinds of fencing materials. We do work with metals, timber and all major home renovation materials. We offer our clients the best deals when it comes to fencing. Whenever you have a big or small project or whether you want any type of fencing material, we will be available to help. Contact us and we shall work with you to make your project a success.


We make all kinds of paintings, including interior and outdoor painting. We do work with our clients to make sure that the first impression to guests whenever they walk towards the doors. Our level of professionalism is comparable to none. We provide these beautification services. We ensure that the first day of business your clients will walk in and experience the grime and color freshness.


We also undertake repairs of all kinds. We do this in your homes and offices. We generalize our services depending on the kind of repairs you are seeking. We do home appliance repairs, equipment repairs and many more.

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