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Letsemeng Municipality is a home based improvement company that deals with unique and generalized repairs and installation since 1986. We do have a unique approach when dealing with our clients. We offer great services and are also different when compared to the rest of our counterparts. We do offer carpet-cleaning, painting, fencing among others. Our outstanding relationship with our clients enables us to conduct our services at ease.

Our major goal is to provide standardized services to our customers. We do offer all our services whenever asked to do so. In order to meet all your demands, we have trained and certified technical team, which tackles all the clientele problems and provide reliable solutions.

Our levels of services are dependable and we aim to be the leading home improvement service provider. We do take pride in our staff as they have also enabled us to provide our services all year round 24/7. Our customer care staff can also be reached at any time of the day or night. Right now, we have a large customer base and we are also planning to increase our company size. We do have our values and also work to meet all the deadlines. We are professionals, dependable, capable and reachable. Please take your time to check all the services that we provide in detail. Contact us whenever you need our help.

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